With an engineering background and exceptional technical know-how, Andrew Pearson excels in solving complex legal issues and litigating patent, trade secret, and copyright matters in U.S. District Courts and at the U.S. International Trade Commission.

Andrew’s experience includes domestic and international litigation involving parties in Europe and Asia, and technologies that include semiconductors, software, and both analog and digital circuitry. He has helped clients win at trial and reach favorable settlements in cases in which he has argued and won case-dispositive summary judgment motions, taken key fact and expert depositions, and drafted winning motions in limine, Daubert challenges, and summary judgment briefs.

Whether analyzing source code or circuit schematics, Andrew works closely with experts and engineers on technical issues. His deep technical knowledge enables him to communicate effectively with them, which has proved important both in asserting and defending patents. Andrew also has extensive experience in contentious trade secret litigations and has achieved settlements in the tens of millions of dollars for clients.

Beyond the courtroom, Andrew provides strategic counsel to clients. Leveraging his trade secrets litigation experience, he guides clients on ways to protect their nonpatent intellectual property and prevent exfiltration by ex-employees and competitors.

A registered patent attorney with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Andrew was recognized by Massachusetts Lawyer Weekly as an “Up & Coming Lawyer” in 2021.