Andrew Dommer has a diverse practice and has represented some of the largest companies in the world, as well as individual inventors. Much of his practice involves counseling clients on day-to-day intellectual property issues and helping build their patent portfolios.

Andrew has substantial experience in adversarial situations, including quarterbacking patent litigation and negotiating settlements and agreements. He has been involved in dozens of post-grant proceedings on both the petitioner and patent owner sides.

Andrew is comfortable with most technologies and regularly works with complex electronic hardware, most any kind of software technology, and medical devices, to provide a few examples. Andrew often undertakes projects to multiply the value of existing IP portfolios, for example, by mining existing patent portfolios and bulk filing dozens of expedited patent applications. He has helped many clients start their IP journeys, walking them through their first few patent filings and establishing IP practices that can facilitate acquisition and fend off imitators. In a “bet-the-company” dispute, Andrew successfully defended a startup company against several patents, facilitating a multi-billion dollar acquisition of the startup company.