Kurt Glitzenstein Quoted in Law360 Article, "Patent Cases To Watch In The 2nd Half Of 2017: Part 2"

Kurt Glitzenstein(Principal)was quoted in theLaw360article, “Patent Cases To Watch In The 2nd Half Of 2017: Part 2” on July 10, 2017.

I would say, as a general matter, there will be a significant amount of activity as to how that decision is applied, particularly with how courts interpret the regular and established place of business alternative for venue,” said Kurt L. Glitzenstein, the leader of the litigation practice group atFish & Richardson PC.

It would affect claim-drafting and potentially provide a path to avoid the need for apportionment in damages models.”

Glitzenstein said there are some 101 cases that have a similar fact pattern and fall relatively far from the line in terms of what is eligible for a patent. There are fewer that fall closer to that line. But this could be one of them.

As a consequence, I think it will provide more insight into how 101 is applied.”

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