Law360: "These Firms Crushed It At The Federal Circuit in 2018"

A recent Law360 article highlighted firms that “crushed it” at the Federal Circuit in 2018.

Fish & Richardson did a staggering number of oral arguments on behalf of clients in 2018, topping the list with 26 and emerging victorious 17 times.

The Firms That Dominated The Fed. Cir. in 2018: Fish & Richardson comes in 1st place.

A win for BuySeasons Inc. found that patents the company was accused of infringing were correctly nixed under the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International. A victory for Power Integrations Inc. revived a database patent the Patent Trial and Appeal Board had nixed. And a win for Altaire Pharmaceuticals threw out a post-grant review decision upholding an eye solution patent challenged by the drug maker.

Kurt Glitzenstein, litigation practice group leader at Fish & Richardson, said the firm has a unique appellate practice that develops top-notch appellate talent.

"Not only do our 26 former Federal Circuit clerks contribute heavily to most of our appellate briefs, but the attorney most knowledgeable about the case argues it on appeal," Glitzenstein said in an email. "This not only combines our command of the law with our command of the record, but it means that essentially all of Fish's powerhouse trial lawyers have extensive appellate argument experience."

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