Fish & Richardson Advising Grignard Pure on Patent Application for First and Only EPA-Approved Antiviral Air Treatment for COVID-19

Fish & Richardson is pleased to announce that client Grignard Pure, LLC has received emergency approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the use of its antimicrobial air treatment solution Grignard Pure to combat COVID-19. Fish is advising Grignard Pure on its patent application for this product, which is currently pending before the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).

A longtime client of Fish of counsel Catherine Stockell on trademark matters, Grignard Pure expanded its relationship with the firm early in the pandemic and engaged T. Tony Zhang to advise on patent protection for the ground-breaking product. A Fish team led by Zhang is now counseling Grignard Pure on patent strategies and has filed a patent application in the USPTO seeking protection on the product.

"We are thrilled that the EPA has recognized the efficacy of Grignard Pure and granted emergency approval to this essential product, solidifying its standing as the first and only product of its kind," said Fish & Richardson principal T. Tony Zhang. "We have seen firsthand how tirelessly Grignard Pure has worked on a product to help ensure the health and safety of the American people and we look forward to continuing our work to secure the patent protections that Grignard Pure is seeking."

The EPA's emergency approval authorizes the air treatment solution for use in indoor spaces in Georgia and Tennessee and will be critical in spaces where adherence to public health guidelines is impractical, including bathrooms, breakrooms, eating areas, elevators, lobbies and more. Similar EPA approvals are soon expected in other states and Grignard Pure is in discussions with the EPA regarding a national approval, which would cover all indoor activities.

"From the moment we first embarked on our journey to bring the Grignard Pure product to life, we recognized the need to enlist the top IP talent to help us protect our product," said Etienne Grignard, co-founder and CEO of Grignard Pure. "This immediately led us to Fish, whose vast IP expertise and legal acumen has been invaluable in our mission to fight COVID-19."