Craig Countryman Quoted in Law360 Article, "AIA Constitutionality Case Could Create Patent Law Chaos"

Craig Countryman (Principal) was quoted in theLaw360article, "AIA Constitutionality Case Could Create Patent Law Chaos " on June 13, 2017.

"If the court were to find the proceedings unconstitutional, it's just going to be a mess to figure out the scope of the decision," said Craig Countryman ofFish & Richardson PC.

"What happens to all those patents? Do they suddenly spring back to life?" Countryman said.

"You have to wonder if the Supreme Court calls IPRs into question, what that means for all the other proceedings," Countryman said. "They would have the same constitutional deficiency, so they would be at risk, too."

"If I'm a defendant, do I want to spend 400 grand to get an advisory opinion that I could maybe use as one piece of evidence in a jury trial?" Countryman said.

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