Terry Mahn quoted about Bluechiip Limited's recent regulatory waiver from US Federal Communications Commission

On June 29, 2011 Bluechiip Limited announced that the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted the company a regulatory waiver allowing the bluechiip® technology to operate in specified restricted frequency bands. This removes a potential roadblock in the path to the company commercializing its wireless tracking technology in the United States. Bluechiip® is a wireless tracking solution groundbreaking to current options for the healthcare, security, defense and manufacturing industries.


Terry Mahn, a principal in Fish's DC office who also handled the waiver request for Bluechiip, was quoted on the process: "We have been involved in a number of FCC waiver requests over the years and were enormously impressed at the speed with which the FCC considered and approved the Bluechiip technology."

To learn more about Bluechiip Limited and their technology, please visit the company website here.