Strategies and Legal Considerations for Patenting Blockchain Innovations

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Blockchain is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and promising new technologies of the last decade. Originally conceived as a method for facilitating secure cryptocurrency transactions, it has blossomed into a wide variety of other applications, including supply chain and logistics monitoring, document recording, and medical recordkeeping, among many others. As blockchain expands its footprint, stakeholders are increasingly seeking patent protection for improvements to its underlying technology.

In this webinar, Fish attorneys Indranil Sarkar and Baile Xie discuss strategies and legal considerations for patenting blockchain innovations. The hosts discuss:

  • Blockchain technology generally
  • Historical review of blockchain patents
  • To patent or not to patent blockchain innovations
  • Drafting considerations
  • Foreign filing considerations
  • Current trends and future outlook

Click the link to download a copy of the webinar slides.