How to Defeat an Alice Rejection

This webinar has ended.


In 2014, the Supreme Court in Alice held that patent claims directed to abstract ideas are patent-ineligible unless they recite something “significantly more” than the abstract idea. What “significantly more” means has been a matter of confusion and debate ever since, particularly for patent examiners at the USPTO. For software patent applicants faced with 101 rejections, the “significantly more” standard is a significant hurdle to overcome.

In this webinar, Fish Principals David Goren and Jonathan Lamberson will discuss strategies for overcoming 101 rejections, including:

  • A discussion of recent developments inAlicejurisprudence at the PTAB and in district courts;
  • Claim drafting techniques for avoiding rejections; and
  • Ways to craft arguments underAliceSteps 1 and 2 to get you to allowance.

Presenters: Jonathan Lamberson, David Goren