Biotech and Pharmaceutical Patent Due Diligence: How to Maximize Value and Mitigate Risks from the Buy Side and Sell Side Perspectives

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In biotech and pharmaceutical deals, assessing the true opportunities and risks associated with a company's IP portfolio is a critical component of any diligence. With millions or even billions of dollars on the line as well as the commercial success of life-saving and sometimes disruptive therapies, strategic IP due diligence needs to be carefully coupled with the corporate, clinical, and scientific diligence to assure the best outcome for all parties.

Our hosts, Fish Principals Chad Shear and Teresa Lavoie, have handled the IP diligence related to some of the industry’s largest pharmaceutical deals over the last few years, totaling more than $50 billion in value.

In this webinar, Chad and Teresa discuss:

  • The basics of IP due diligence
  • Some lessons learned from past deals - from the buy side and sell side perspectives
  • Why target companies should have an "always diligence" mindset and how to execute on that mindset
  • How acquiring companies can strategically and efficiently perform IP diligence on a target company in the face of competing bids or "unreasonable" management timelines (e.g., the "let's get the deal done before JPM" timeline).

Presenters: Chad Shear, Teresa Lavoie