Karl Renner Quoted in Law360 Article, Leading PTAB Atty Says Changes At Board Create Opportunity


Karl Renner, Principal and Post-Grant Practice Co-Chair was quoted in Law360's article, "Leading PTAB Atty Says Changes At Board Create Opportunity" on February 23, 2018.

“There are so many opportunities for widespread and impactful change, not only vis-á -vis the rights of the party but the process by which things are administered,” Renner said.

“I feel like I can add more value in an environment of change,” he said. “I can help my clients more when the variables are moving because there’s just more impact that you can have.”

“There’s a whole suite of issues that we’ve always been anticipating that come along with amendment practice if amendments come through,” Renner said.

“It is such a young practice and it has received so much attention at the highest levels, its pretty incredible when you think about it,” he said.

“The implicated issues are really complicated and the boundaries just have to be tested,” Renner said. “Those are going to yield opportunities for thoughtful and skilled counsel to add value to make a big difference.”

“The people that thrive in this practice … have a common characteristic: They embrace change,” he said.

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