Practising Law Institute - Patenting Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies 2020


On December 16, Practising Law Institute’s Patenting Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) 2020 will cover issues that come up when considering blockchain patents. The program will review the basics: the core technologies, main applications, and emerging trends. It discusses the law of patent-eligibility and what it means for protecting blockchain-related inventions. Additionally, the program will explore strategic issues, including considerations that make patents more appropriate for some kinds of blockchain-related inventions than others and approaches to patent drafting and prosecution that maximize the chance of success when applying for patents in this area.

Fish attorney Indranil Sarkar will present on “Blockchain Patenting Strategy in Relation to Business Strategy.”

Understanding the role of DLT and its IP protection in business strategy, and drafting and prosecuting patent applications for DLT to maximize the chance of securing valid, enforceable, and valuable patents.

  • Evaluate IP strategies for DLT in relation to varied blockchain business models
  • Understand how DLT applications may rely on network effects and craft IP strategy that accounts for that reliance
  • Understand patent-eligibility in the era ofAlice
  • Review what's being filed in the USPTO, who's applying, and what's being allowed
  • Determine effective drafting and prosecution strategies

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Practising Law Institute
December 16
11:30AM EST