IPO Education Foundation EPO Day


Fish Senior Principal John Pegram will be speaking at the IPO Education Foundation EPO Day on November 14. John will be speaking during the afternoon sessions on CLARITY.

  • CLARITY: This workshop will address the requirement for clarity of claims (Art. 84 EPC), including
    differences in US and EPC standards, modifying US-origin applications for the EPO while
    maintaining priority claims, responding to clarity rejections, relationships with the inventive step
    (Art. 56 EPC) and sufficiency of disclosure (Art. 83 EPC) requirements, and the role of clarity in

John is a Senior Principal in the firm's New York office and frequently speaks on intellectual property topics.

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Tuesday, November 14
European Patent Office
Isar building
Bob-van-Benthem-Platz 1 (formerly Erhardtstrasse 27)
80469 Munich, Germany