Chris Bowley, Ph.D., focuses on patent prosecution and counseling, patent strategy and analysis, and the development and management of patent portfolios.

Well-versed, knowledgeable, and experienced in an exceptionally broad range of technologies, Chris readily understands client innovations, communicates well with scientists and investors, and offers clear insight and guidance in prosecuting patents, maximizing the value of intellectual property assets and managing large-scale patent portfolios. Chris’s patent prosecution work spans various sub-fields of physics, including solid-state physics, optics, electricity and magnetism, mechanics, and atomic and molecular physics.

Chris has substantial experience in a variety of optical technologies, including imaging systems, illumination systems, displays (e.g., LCDs, projection displays, and microdisplays), interferometry (e.g., distance measuring interferometry and surface profiling interferometry), optical communications, optical waveguides, liquid crystal devices, lasers (e.g., semiconductor lasers, fiber lasers, and gas lasers), electro-optic devices (e.g., LEDs), optical materials, optical components (e.g., retardation films, polarizers, and diffractive optics). Other technologies include semiconductor fabrication, semiconductor metrology, chemical vapor deposition, chemical fluid deposition, MEMS devices, ink jet printing, microfluidics, electrophoretics, superconductors, and nanotechnology.

Prior to joining Fish, Chris was a senior research physicist developing liquid crystal polymer technology for optical film applications in the optical systems division of 3M Co. (2000-2001). As a graduate research assistant while attending Brown University, he conducted research in the areas of fabrication, electro-optic, mechanical, and microscopic characterization, and numerical simulation of numerous liquid crystal and polymer composite devices (1996-1999).

*Not admitted to practice in California. Work conducted in California is directly supervised by a member of the California bar or is limited to U.S. federal courts and agencies listed in admissions or otherwise authorized by law.