Principal William Hunter Quoted in San Diego Business Journal, "Plot Your Patent Steps Carefully"

Principal William Hunter (Southern California) was recently quoted in San Diego Business Journal article, “Plot Your Patent Steps Carefully” on May 8, 2017. In this article, Bill explains that knowing how and when to navigate the patent process is an important facet of monetization. The article goes into detail about potential pitfalls that can arise for those pursuing the patent process, the risks associated when inventors first start speaking publicly about their invention and the best way to avoid possible complications.

All getting a patent means is that someone else is excluded for a time from doing what the claim says, Hunter said. "While having a patent is important for getting investors interested, the core issue is going to be what's the potential market for the innovation," he said. "The flip side is if you have a great invention without a patent, investors may be scared off. What's to stop someone else from doing the same thing?"

Bill continues by discussing the cost of filing a patent vs. the potential price of not doing so.

"The key issue in my mind is, what is the potential long-term value of this invention?" he said. "If it's millions, trying to save $5,000 is not a good idea, not a wise business strategy."

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