Fish & Richardson Wins Again for Power Integrations

Fish's Fourth Win Against Fairchild

San Francisco, CA, March 6, 2014 - Fish & Richardson is pleased to announce the latest in a series of victories on behalf of client Power Integrations against Fairchild Semiconductor and Fairchild's System General ("SG") subsidiary. Power Integrations (Nasdaq: POWI) is a Silicon Valley-based innovator of high-performance, energy-efficient integrated circuits used for power conversion in a range of consumer electronic products, including everything from mobile phones to LCD monitors to LED lighting.

Power Integrations originally called upon Fish & Richardson to take action against Fairchild and SG in 2004, and Fish has secured victories against these defendants in a series of litigations in a number of courts over the years, including obtaining injunctions against over 100 infringing products.

With Tuesday's verdict, following a three week jury trial in federal court, the jury found that Fairchild willfully infringed Power Integrations' patents and awarded damages of $105 million. Over the course of the parties' litigation, courts have noted Fairchild's "industrial stalking" and copying of Power Integrations' patented technology, while repeatedly affirming the validity of Power Integrations' patents.

The Fish trial team was led by Frank Scherkenbach, Howard Pollack, and Michael Headley, who also represented Power Integrations in prior litigation between these parties, including infringement verdicts against Fairchild in 2006 and 2012, and a 2006 victory against SG at the International Trade Commission ("ITC"), which the Federal Circuit subsequently affirmed on appeal.