Fish & Richardson's Power Docket Named to National Law Journal's 2021 Legal Technology Trailblazers List

Fish & Richardson announced today that the firm's innovative Power Docket platform, a proprietary tool that significantly increases the efficiency and effectiveness of docket management, has been named as one of the National Law Journal's 2021 Legal Technology Trailblazers.

Developed in-house in 2018 in response to clients' needs, Fish's Power Docket is a client-driven, live interface to help attorneys quickly sift through thousands of rows of docket management data to identify case matters that require personal attention. The platform has evolved to provide real-time data and on-demand reporting capabilities, resulting in enhanced collaboration between legal teams.

As an industry-leading intellectual property firm, Fish manages a massive docket of over 40,000 active matters with hundreds of thousands of docket tasks. Individual attorneys often have thousands of actions to manage at any given time. Power Docket, combining artificial intelligence and novel workstream approaches, aggregates data from multiple firm systems to provide the relevant context practitioners need to make more-informed case management decisions.

"Most law firms use traditional and primarily date-driven third-party docketing systems to manage the tedious task of creating and tracking deadlines," said Jennifer Beaudette, director of Legal Technology Solutions at Fish. "But those systems tend to generate thousands of email reminders and outdated Excel reports that don't promote exceptional client service or efficient operation," she added. "Power Docket is more broadly data-driven and better serves clients and internal workflow."

In February, Fish will launch Power Docket 3.0, which will include more practice group coverage and enhanced efficiency by allowing personal and team tracking of client-driven tasks that are not typically captured in a docketing system. The new version of the platform, which will also include Outlook calendar integration, will provide an interface independent of the underlying docket system, allowing IT to make changes without impacting timekeepers.

"As a firm, Fish is committed to continuously finding innovative ways to support client needs," said Rick Anderson, Chief Operating Officer at Fish. "Power Docket is a trailblazer in the world of docket management because it saves attorneys time by spotting potential issues early and creates efficiencies that save clients money."