John Dragseth Quoted in Law360 Article, "Fed. Circ. Issuing More 'Hidden Decisions' Amid Case Influx"

John Dragseth (Principal) was recently quoted in Law360 article, "Fed. Circ. Issuing More ‘Hidden Decisions’ Amid Case Influx" on March 1, 2017.

Speaking to being on the losing end of such a judgment, John Dragseth, a principal at Fish & Richardson PC, put it like this: “It’s not as bad as your dog dying, but it’s close.”

Indeed, in 2016 the Federal Circuit wrote 237 opinions in patent cases, up from 199 the year before, and an even bigger jump from 2013. Dragseth, another former law clerk, said there was no indication the court was “lolling off.”

“I don’t think there’s a reason to believe that the judges have failed in trying to set a balance here,” he said. “And they’re in the best position to set that balance between, where do they put in the extra effort and where do they put in less effort.”

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