Fish's Technical Depth Helps Medical Care Corporation Navigate a Crowded Digital Health Field

Digital Health Case Study
Medical Care Corporation is focused on improving the health and quality of life for the worldwide aging population through prevention, early detection, and management of memory disorders. As a neuroinformatics company, Medical Care Corporation is the leading expert in characterizing cognitive performance and applying mathematical methods to cognitive data to help answer questions from doctors and researchers about brain health.

Medical Care Corporation had some big ideas and knew it needed to protect them. The company interviewed a small number of firms, asking them to spend time with a core team to understand what they do and where they wanted to go. Dennis Fortier, President and CEO, commented on this process:

“Hands down, Fish ran the best process they listened to us and absorbed what we do, and when it was their turn to speak, they took over with precise questions. The Fish attorneys were methodical and organized in their approach. We know that not all firms cost the same, but we said to ourselves ‘Fish will give us the value we need.'”

Medical Care Corporation continues to build its patent portfolio with the development of new analysis, scoring algorithms, and other tools to measure cognitive performance. The field has grown competitive and as more players are added to the digital health industry, companies in this space can no longer rely on general claims in their patent applications.

“What has been really valuable to us is the upfront style of Fish’s attorneys they step back and get a sense of what we have in our minds and help us think through strategically how to protect our IP assets. We’re also pleased with Fish & Richardson’s ability to have direct dialogue with patent examiners to quickly solve problems and save us time and money. They are very effective in that process.”

Fish & Richardson attorneys are at the forefront of this growing area where big data and health combine. We help Medical Care Corporation navigate the highly competitive nature of the digital health industry and maximize the value of their most important intellectual property assets.

Medical Care Corporation works with William Hunter, a Principal on our Digital Health team.