Fish Ranked #1 "Best Law Firm for Intellectual Property" in Vault's 2022 Nationwide Survey

Vault recently announced thatFish & Richardson has ranked #1in its2022"Best Law Firms for Intellectual Property" survey.The organization provides in-depth intelligence on top law firms in the industry, drawing upon direct surveys and commentary from current employees.

Vault reported that Fish received high marksfrom associatesforthe firm'sflexibility,opportunities for substantive work, andcollegialfirm culturedriven by principals who are "respectful, understanding, and appreciative."

This is the 11thstraight year that Fish has earned the top ranking among intellectual property firms. This year, Fish was named a top-30 firmin the nationin a range of additional categories, including:

  • Associate/Partner Relations
  • Quality of Work
  • Career Outlook
  • Selectivity
  • Diversity (OverallRanking)
  • Diversity for Individuals with Disabilities
  • Racial & Ethnic Diversity
  • Summer Associate Program (Overall Ranking)
  • Summer Associate Program - Attorney Interactions
  • Summer Associate Program- Career Development
  • Summer Associate Program - Social Experiences

To view Fish's Vault profile, clickhere.