John Dragseth Quoted in Law360's "Attys React to High Court's Induced Infringement Ruling"

Principal John Dragseth was asked to comment on the significance of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision inCommil USA LLC v. Cisco Systems Inc.:

"The decision is one that could have gone either way, and it's just nice that we have an answer. In any event, even though invalidity cannot be used as a defense for inducing infringement, there are still many reasons to get good legal advice about patent validity. Also, this decision makes the availability of post-grant proceedings even more important, because they allow parties to challenge bad patents for relatively low costs. The most interesting part of the opinion may be buried on page 9, where the majority suggests that a defendant who has a reasonable, but incorrect, interpretation of the patent could be off the hook for infringement. It will be interesting to see how parties will take advantage of such a statement."

John Dragseth is a principal in the Twin Cities office and centers his practice on complex legal analysis and writing - in federal appeals, patent prosecution, reexamination, pre-suit and due diligence investigations, and patent opinions.

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