Fish's Thad Kodish Talks to Emory School of Law About Diversity at Law School and at Law Firms

Beyond Black and White

In Emory Law’s Magazine Winter 2014 edition, they take a look at how muchthe schoolevolved since 1962 when “Emory won the legal right to integrate through a landmark Georgia Supreme Court decision,” when “diversity seemed as simple as black and white.”

In September, Fish’s Thad Kodish, Managing Principal of the firm’s Atlanta office, was installed as president of the Emory Law Alumni Board and said, “I can't place a high enough value on recruiting legal talent with varying backgrounds and perspectives, who have good experience and keen instincts on how to interact with a diverse array of people. When I attended Emory Law in the late nineties, as I know is the case today, students from all walks of life contributed to the classroom discussions. The exposure to those varying perspectives and approaches to legal analysis doesn't just teach you about the law, it gives you invaluable insights on how future judges, clients, adversaries, and codefendants will see things through their own personal prisms.”

The full article, including commentary from other Emory Alumni, is available here.