PTAB - The Most Active Forum Once Again

In 2014, The Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) had a record breaking year in terms of activity, surpassing the second most active court by 16%. While the PTAB and district courts continue to see a decrease in filings overall, Q3 statistics show that the PTAB is once again the most favored forum for US patent validity challenges, and is currently on track to hold this title through the end of 2016. In a recent report published by Patexia, researchers took a closer look at case filings in each quarter. In Q3, 450 petitions were filed at the PTAB, with the Eastern District of Texas a close second, with 436 cases in the quarter. IPR filings were up slightly from Q2 (4.5%). Researchers also discussed outcomes at the PTAB, noting that roughly one-third were denied institution, 25% received FWD, and 12% were terminated due to settlement. Click here to read more:

Most Active Courts by Numbers of Cases*

2016 (EST) 2016 (YTD) 2015 2014 2013 2012
PTAB 1,698 1,299 1,800 1,677 792 112
TXED 1,633 1,249 2,548 1,428 1,498 1,252
DED 414 317 544 942 1,335 1,001
CACD 322 246 277 320 411 506

*10/7/2016. Source: DocketNavigator Analytics