Additional Education-Oriented Grants and Appropriations

Some of the programs listed below have limited eligibility requirements (e.g., only applicable to public educational institutions and agencies). In addition, most of the funds identified below will be awarded at the state level. Accordingly, application for such funds will generally need to be submitted to the appropriate state officials.


  • $53.6 billion (yes, $53.6 billion) has been appropriated for a State Fiscal Stabilization Fund which will be administered by the Department of Education (DOE). Click here for a summary of the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund prepared by DOE.
    • A large portion of this amount will be allocated by DOE to the governor of each state (“Allocated Funds”)
    • 81.8% of Allocated Funds to be used by each governor for support of elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education and, as applicable, early childhood education programs and services
    • 18.2% of Allocated Funds to be used by each governor for public safety and other government services, which may include assistance for elementary and secondary education and public institutions of higher education, and for modernization, renovation, or repair of public school facilities and institutions of higher education facilities, including modernization, renovation, and repairs that are consistent with a recognized green building rating system. “A Governor shall not consider the type of mission of an institution of higher education, and shall consider any institution for funding for modernization, renovation, and repairs within that state that (i) qualifies as an “institution of higher education” (as defined in the ARRA); and (ii) continues to be eligible to participate in the programs under title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA).
  • $13 billion has been appropriated for “Education for the Disadvantaged” to carry out title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA)
    • $5 billion for targeted grants under Section 1125 of the ESEA
    • $5 billion for education finance incentive grants under Section 1125A of the ESEA
    • $3 billion for school improvement grants under Section 1003(g)
  • $720 million has been appropriated for “School Improvement Programs” to carry out subpart 1, part D of title II of the ESEA
  • $200 million has been appropriated for “Innovation and Improvement” to carry out subpart I, part D of title V of the ESEA
  • $12.2 billion has been appropriated for “Special Education” for carrying out parts B and C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
  • $15.8 billion has been appropriated for “Student Financial Assistance” to carry out subpart 1 of part A and part C of title IV of the HEA


The above information is not intended as a comprehensive guide to, or analysis of, the ARRA or any particular program associated with the ARRA. It is intended as a general summary of relevant provisions of the ARRA to help identify potential funding opportunities. You should consult with competent counsel to determine the applicable legal requirements that apply in a given situation.