Xconomy Xchange: Healthcare Gets Personal

Fish is proud to sponsor the 2013 Xconomy Xchange: Healthcare Gets Personal. Personal health and wellness is the latest technology craze. From wearable activity monitors to consumer health management to the “quantified self” movement, startups, big companies, and investors are all getting into the game. But there’s something deeper going on: A convergence of access to our personal information on genomics and physiology with smarter software and analytics could help us live healthier, more productive lives and quite possibly help us look and feel better, too.

Where are the real opportunities for innovation in the crowded healthtech sector? Which strategies around health tracking, wearables, mobile apps, fashion, and vanity are working, and not working? What are the trade-offs between consumer and enterprise approaches? Xconomy is convening top experts and innovators from New England and beyond for a half-day forum that will explore these questions and much more. In an interactive program of talks, chats, and demos, these leaders will address what the next big health companies might look like, and how they will impact society.