Xconomy: Building Biotechs to Last

Fish is proud to sponsor the 2013 Xconomy Forum: Building Biotechs to Last. Biotech is a long-term business, but it depends on an investment world more focused on the short term. Many companies have slashed R&D budgets, cut corners in clinical development, or done shotgun marriage megamergers to satisfy Wall Street’s desire for improved results by next Tuesday. But there are still a few companies in biotech who are willing and able to buck the trend. They have a strategy for the long haul, and the guts to stick with it. Join Xconomy’s national biotech editor, Luke Timmerman, for a series of 1-on-1 interviews with executives and directors who will talk about cases in which they put their company’s long-term strategy ahead of short-term considerations, even when it posed a serious risk to the company, or wasn’t the popular thing to do.