University Industry Demonstration Partnership [UIDP] University Agreement Workshop


On Thursday, September 25th, Fish Principal Carl Bruce (Dallas) will moderate a panel at the University Industry Demonstration Partnership [UIDP] Academy Workshop on “Multi-Party Projects in the Healthcare Industry: Issues Associated with Consortia and Other Projects Involving More Than Two Parties.” Details are included below and also available on the event website. University Industry Demonstration Partnership [UIDP] University Negotiation Workshop Multi-Party Projects in the Healthcare Industry: Issues Associated with Consortia and Other Projects Involving More Than Two Parties Thursday, September 25, 2014, 8:00 am - 3:00 pm EST MIT ILP Office – One Main Street Cambridge, MA The U.S. healthcare industry stands at a critical juncture. While facing a significant increase in the number of customers who will need to be served, the industry is being tasked by the nation to increase quality of results, to ensure consistent quality between rural and urban providers, to be accountable for outcomes, to provide accurate measures of success, and to accomplish all of these with lower costs. Healthcare and health information technology companies are serious economic engines for the nation contributing multiple billions of dollars to the U.S. economy and serving as a major industry employer. The development of solutions within this industry sector oftentimes requires a focus on establishing results-oriented solutions involving collaborations between universities, industry sponsors, non-profit organizations, and/or the federal government. Solution development remains an important potential driver of future economic growth and is critical to the healthcare industry. The fostering of intensive collaborations and partnerships among diverse stakeholders at the national, state, and regional levels have become a national priority for this industry sector. This Workshop will take a scenario presentation and response panel approach to address Industry - University perspectives with a focus on those issues that are most prevalent in the negotiation of multi-party consortium or project agreements and the delivery of technology solutions for the healthcare industry. These projects may seek to improve existing processes, materials, and products, to improve the performance thereof, or to enable new capabilities, and new product/process development, including development and testing in a clinical environment. Strategies for the timely negotiation of contractual issues that arise in these types of collaborations, such as intellectual property, use of specialized services, rights to tangible research results, competing business interests and some of the other topics addressed in the various Contract Accords considerations will be introduced and discussed in an open environment that encourages full participation from Workshop attendees. The Workshop presenters and panelists have extensive experience negotiating Industry - University agreements and will be able to provide scenarios, share best practices, and walk through strategies to address issues and give participants insight and skills that can be deployed within their own organizations, whether they are in the healthcare industry or a different sector. Now more than ever, the fostering of intensive collaboration and partnerships among diverse stakeholders, including industry, academia, and the government, at the national, state, and regional levels is critical for this industry sector to remain competitive. Moderator: Carl Bruce, Fish & Richardson P.C. Presenters: Mary Duarte Millsaps, Purdue University & Elizabeth T. Stark, Pfizer