MCCA Leadership and Inclusion Academy

The MCCA Academy for Leadership and Inclusion is a groundbreaking, interactive training program designed to provide MCCA Corporate Members and Law Firm Affiliate Network (FAN) Members with the opportunity to learn about diversity and inclusion principles that can be implemented within an organization. This 90-minute cutting edge and intensive program is an exclusive benefit MCCA offers at no chart to its members and is designed to focus on hidden biases, how they impact the workplace and what can be done to overcome them. MCCA is an organization founded to advance the hiring, retention and promotion of diverse attorneys in corporate legal departments and the law firms that serve them. The program will feature a discussion on the following: I. What is implicit bias II. What triggers implicit bias? III. Where can implicit bias have an impact? IV. What does the impact of implicit bias look like? V. Implicit Bias: Responsibility vs. Blame VI. Strategies for recognizing and reducing implicit bias VII. Next steps