ACC Annual Meeting

Nancy L. Stagg will discuss how to avoid ambiguity in contracts and settlement agreements in her topic, "Avoiding Ambiguity (and Litigation) in Contract Drafting: Lessons from a Litigator." A principal goal in contract drafting should be avoiding the ambiguity that leads to conflict and litigation. In this session, attendees will consider real-life examples of disputes over ambiguous agreements, and get practical tips and solutions to avoid complications and litigation. Topics that will be addressed include settlement agreements, arbitration and dispute resolution clauses, intellectual property licenses, bankruptcy and ipso facto and insolvency clauses, and independent contractor and commission and bonus agreements. This program will also include ACC members Blake T. Bilstad, SVP and General Counsel & Secretary of Provide Commerce, Inc., Alan K. Tse, General Counsel of LG Electronics Mobilecomm USA, and Carrie Gleeson, General Counsel of American Water-Western Division.