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Fish Cases

Representative Intellectual Property engagements

Fish Cases

Representative Intellectual Property engagements

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Representative Intellectual Property engagements 

ION Geophysical in post-trial motions after $100 million adverse judgment.

NexPay and Talon in multiple trade secret, patent and copyright matters arising out of third-party payor claims administration systems and software.

Cyberonics, Inc. in licensing dispute involving medical device patents.

Drilformance LLC in licensing matters.

Smartphone manufacturer on standard-setting issues.

Electronic device maker on patent pool issues.

Zenith in patent lawsuit on television receivers.

TradeStation Group, Inc. and subsidiaries in patent lawsuit on securities and commodities trading software, and Federal Circuit Appeal.

BMC in patent lawsuit on security software.

McAfee in multiple lawsuits on antivirus software.

LG in ICCC arbitration over patent license fees.

LG Electronics in a patent lawsuit on plasma displays. 

McAfee in a Federal Circuit appeal from an adverse judgment in a patent case involving network security software. 

Adobe in multiple patent infringement cases involving distributed computing patents. 

Manufacturer of music players and smartphones in multiple cases on software.

Samsung in multi-jurisdictional litigation involving memories, including claims for patent infringement, breach of contract, unfair competition, fraud and antitrust violations in standard-setting in the Northern District of California, the Eastern District of Virginia, Delaware Chancery Court, the FTC and the EU. 

Samsung in Texas State Court fraud and antitrust cases involving licensing and standard-setting for DRAMs. 

The University of Texas in establishing and managing a standard-setting group in the chemical and oil refinery construction industry. 

Kvaerner in an antitrust and unfair competition case over patents alleged against standards for offshore oil exploration equipment. 

Samsung in ITC and Federal Court litigation over patents asserted against ETSI standards for wireless communications. 

Samsung in licensing negotiations over CDMA and WCDMA wireless technology.

Samsung in licensing involving NAND Flash Memory. 

Exxon-Mobil in defense of a patent lawsuit against configuration of undersea pipelines. 

Exxon-Mobil in licensing and trade secret disputes involving chemical catalysts. 

Exxon-Mobil in patent litigation over chemical filters. 

William Riles against Amerada Hess over patent for installation of offshore drilling platform. 

Nextsport in a lawsuit involving a mechanical patent involving turning mechanisms for scooters. 

Microsoft in multiple patent lawsuits involving Windows, Office, email. 

SciCoTec and Dr. Alt in a patent lawsuits against Medtronic over pacemaker technology. 

SciCoTec and Dr. Alt in arbitration and a patent lawsuit against Boston Scientific over stents and catheters.

Samsung in a trade secret lawsuit in trial and interlocutory appeal involving “third generation switching” telephony technology. 

Lexar Media in trade secret and patent lawsuits against Toshiba on NAND Flash Memory technology. 

Samsung in trial and appeal in a patent lawsuit on amorphous silicon decided on inequitable conduct. 

NetIQ in AAA arbitration over computer software patents. 

Samsung in International Chamber of Commerce arbitrations over 2G and 3G patent rights and license. 

TitleData in copyright and trade secret licensing and regulatory matters. 

Computer Associates in computer software copyright litigation. 

Sony Music in formulating new legal strategy for confirmation of contracts with underage performers (Destiny’s Child).

Other Representative Litigation engagements 

Represented Respondents in Texas Supreme Court on First Amendment lawsuit.

Represented lawyer on certain substantive constitutional issues as part of the defense of a multi-count RICO indictment.

Represented Hartford Insurance Group of companies in over fifty class actions involving antitrust, consumer protection (credit scoring, claims management practices, pricing and underwriting) and state regulatory issues from 1987-2005. 

Represented Westinghouse (Siemens Westinghouse) in construction and trade secret litigation. 

Represented Reuters in tax litigation as well as unfair competition litigation in Texas State trial and appellate courts. 

Represented Oppenheimer & Co. in numerous securities arbitrations. 

Represented MALDEF and ACLU in cases involving statutes to prohibit rental of housing based on immigration status. 

Represented John O’Quinn in lawsuit against State Bar of Texas. 

Represented MCorp in trial against FDIC. 

Represented Greyhound in trial against NLRB. 

Represented Texas State Optical in securities case in trial court and interlocutory appeal against Grand Metropolitan plc and Pearl Vision.