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Patent Litigation Examples

Fish Cases

Patent Litigation Examples

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Juxtacomm Technologies, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation (E.D. Tx.) – Led defense team for Microsoft in patent litigation filed against 22 defendants in Eastern District of Texas involving database technology.

Data Encryption Corporation (an Acacia entity) v. Microsoft Corporation (C.D. Cal.) – Led defense team for Microsoft in patent infringement case involving Windows file encryption technology, winning summary judgment of non-infringement and making the winning argument on appeal before the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

TV Interactive Data v. Microsoft Corporation (N.D. Cal.) – Led defense team for Microsoft in four-patent litigation involving Windows operating system and device driver technology. Settled favorably.

Block Financial Corporation v. Yodlee, Inc. (W.D. Mo.) – Won summary judgment of noninfringement for defendant Yodlee, Inc. in patent litigation involving account aggregation software, distributed object technology and Internet applications.

Macromedia, Inc. v. Adobe Systems, Inc. (D. Del.) – Defended Adobe in patent litigation involving computer software for the creation and editing of web sites. Resolved favorably.

Zone Labs v. Sygate Technologies, Inc. (N.D. Cal.) – Defended Sygate in patent litigation involving computer network security software and systems. Resolved favorably.

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG v. Adobe Systems, Inc. (D. Del.) – Defended Adobe in patent litigation involving computer graphics software and electronic photo retouching. Resolved favorably.

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories v. Kana Communications (D. Del.) – Represented plaintiff Genesys in patent litigation involving email routing software. Resolved favorably.

Air Measurement Technologies, Inc. and North-South Corporation v. Bacou USA Safety, Inc. – Defended Bacou USA Safety in patent litigation involving industrial safety equipment for firefighters. Settled favorably. <

In the Matter of Certain Set-Top Boxes and Components Thereof (ITC) – Represented Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. and StarSight Telecast, Inc. in multi-patent ITC proceedings involving interactive programming guides.

The Burton Corporation v. Vans, Inc., Switch Manufacturing, Inc. – Defended Vans, Inc. and Switch Manufacturing against Burton Snowboards in patent litigation involving snowboard equipment. Resolved favorably.

Supracor Systems, Inc. v Reebok International (N.D. Cal.) – Led case filed by plaintiff Supracor in technology licensing dispute involving athletic footwear and patented process for manufacturing thermoplastic elastomeric honeycomb, recovering $18.75 million in damages.

PLS – Pacific Laser Systems v. TLZ, dba Toolz, Inc. – Represented plaintiff Pacific Laser in patent litigation involving laser alignment device. Resolved favorably, including redesign of the accused product.

Trademark, Trade Secret and Copyright Litigation 
Lifetime Software Technologies, Inc. v. Time, Inc. – Represented plaintiff Lifetime Software in Internet domain name and trademark dispute. Resolved favorably.

Siegel Electronics v. Ardco Electronics – Defended Ardco Electronics against Siegel Electronics in trade secret and copyright dispute. Resolved favorably.

Wildflour v. Sunflour – Defended Sunflour against Wildflour in trademark dispute. Resolved favorably.

Other Litigation
J&D Properties v. Massachusetts Bay Insurance Co. – Represented defendant in breach of contract and insurance bad faith case. Tried four-week jury trial with successful outcome for the defendant.

Potter v. Guaranty National Insurance Company – Argued appeal before the Nevada Supreme Court. Successfully obtained reversal of multi-million punitive damages award.

Polaris Investment Management Corp. v. Avemco Insurance Company – Represented defendant in $15 million breach of contract and insurance bad faith case. Won summary judgment for defendant.