WARNING: If you recently received a check that appears to be from Fish & Richardson, click here.

We are aware that some person or persons is sending letters to people in various parts of the United States telling them that they have won a prize or an award or have been chosen as a “mystery shopper” and enclosing a check for them to cash. The letter includes instructions to cash the check, remit certain of the proceeds back to the sender to cover surcharges and taxes, and to keep the remainder. Some other person or persons is purchasing items online and paying with a check that far exceeds the purchase price, then asking the seller to send back the difference by money order.

This is a scam. The checks are counterfeit Fish & Richardson checks. Do not send money to the person or entity named in the letter. Do not try to cash the counterfeit check.

If you receive one of these checks, it is not real. Please contact Tim McGaughey at 617-956-6972.