New article by Drew Voth and David Binney: "Recent Court Opinions Impact Patent Valuation" -- addresses entire market value rule and apportionment


With permission, we direct our readers to an interesting article on apportioning value to patents. This article covers subject matter that is near and dear to these bloggers: entire market value rule and apportionment. In fact, one of us, Chris Marchese, wrote an article on the same topics that was published in the LA Daily Journal. (See our August 31 post.)

The authors, Drew Voth and David Binney, provided the following summary of their article: "Spurred by increasing damages awards, Congress and the courts have been moving toward more stringent requirements for apportioning value to patents. In this edition of the Business Valuation Monitor, Drew Voth, a Damages Expert at Grant Thornton, and David Binney, a Partner at K&L Gates, examine historic and recent court rulings to demonstrate apportionment trends and to discuss the methods for companies to use when analyzing apportionment issues and the value of their patents."

Click here to read the article: Business Valuation Monitor