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Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
Information procured from ThoughtCo and other sources.

We kick off our celebration of #APAHM by highlighting Flossie Wong-Staal, whose AIDS research heavily contributed to advances in testing. To learn more about Fish’s #diversity efforts, visit Wong-StaalJeff Mok

Contributor: Jeff Mok
I grew up in Toronto, Canada, and came to the U.S. for college, studying electrical engineering at Columbia University. As a litigation associate in New York, I have used my engineering background for cases in a variety of subject areas. I have also branched out to litigate cases on trade secrets, copyright, and trademarks. I’ve had great experiences with pro bono work, where, for example, I’ve helped designers obtain patent and copyright protection, and litigated fair wage claims on behalf of immigrant workers. I now live in New Jersey with my wife and daughter, and still root for my hometown Toronto Blue Jays.


This week, Fish is proud to highlight An Wang, a Chinese-American computer engineer. For more #APAHM highlights, check out our social media accounts and for more information on our #diversity efforts, visit Wang

Kim Leung

Contributor: Kim Leung
I am Chinese-American, and my name in Chinese means “golden ring.” My parents were Hoa (or Hua) people, a minority group of ethnic Chinese living in Vietnam, who fled Vietnam as refugees after the Vietnam War and eventually settled in the United States. My parents and siblings now live in Las Vegas, Nevada, where I grew up. I am a patent associate in the San Diego office, primarily focusing on Inter Partes Reviews proceedings related to a wide variety of technology areas before the USPTO. I have BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering, and I received my JD from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Before attending law school, I worked as an engineer on electromagnetic sensors and signal processing systems for detecting fractures in artificial heart valves.


In our continuation of celebrating #APAHM, Fish is pleased to highlight Har Gobind Khorana. To learn more about Fish’s #diversity efforts, visit Gobind Khorana

Chris Ma

Contributor: Chris Ma
I learned English as a second language even though I was born in the US after my parents emigrated from Taiwan. I am a Principal based in the Washington DC office and was raised in the greater Washington DC area. I received a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Virginia, and stayed three more years to receive my JD. My practice focuses on patent prosecution, focusing on software and hardware computer-related inventions.



In our final week of celebrating #APAHM, we highlight renowned dentist and dental materials researcher Dr. Sumita Mitra. For more information about Fish’s ongoing efforts in the #diversity & #inclusion space, visit: Mitra - Indian-American who invented dental filling materials to replace traditional fillers in the late 1990s.

Pharma and biotech attorney Annie King

Contributor: Annie King
I am a first-generation Chinese immigrant from Guangdong, China, and grew up in San Francisco. I never saw snow until my first year at Barnard College, a women’s college in New York City. Staying on the East Coast after undergrad, I received my doctorate in chemistry from MIT and my law degree from Suffolk University. As an associate in the Boston office, my practice focuses on prosecution for pharmaceutical and biotech inventions. The portfolios I have handled cover many life-saving medicines including cancer therapies and anti-viral treatments for HIV.



In continuing our recognition of #APAHM, we highlight Dr. Enrique Ostrea, an essential figure in present neonatal care in the U.S. To learn more about Fish’s #diversity efforts, visit



Black History Month, 2019

Fish is celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth by recognizing the contributions of Black inventors to the world of #IP. Our first inventor is Garrett Morgan, who was named on at least four patents. Visit our website for more information on our diversity team: A. Morgan -- Inventor of the breathing device, which was the precursor to gas masks used in WW1, and the three-way traffic light.

In continuing our celebration of #BlackHistoryMonth, we highlight Elijah McCoy, whose last name is the caveat for the phrase “the real McCoy,” coined after his inventions were copycatted. Visit our website for more information on our diversity team: J. McCoy - Inventor of automatic lubricator that spread oil evenly across a train's engine while moving, allowing trains to run for longer periods of time.

In week three of #BlackHistoryMonth, we highlight Dr. Patricia Bath, whose invention of the Laserphaco probe is used in cataract surgery. For more information on the efforts of our #diversity team, visit: Bath - First black woman to receive a patent for a medical purpose.

Miriam Benjamin, the second Black woman to ever receive a #patent, is the inventor of the Gong and Signal Chair still used in hotels today. Visit our website for more information on our #diversity Benjamin - second black woman to receive a patent. inventor of the Gong and Signal Chair for hotels.

The next inventor we highlight for #BlackHistoryMonth is household & personal item creator Mary Kenner, who holds five #patents to include the bathroom tissue holder. For more information on the efforts of our #diversity team, visit: Kenner - Inventor of sanitary belt and bathroom tissue holder.

Fish continues to celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth by highlighting George Washington Carver. Carver is known for game-changing agricultural ideas,but also has #patents in the cosmetics & paint industries. Learn more about the initiatives of our #diversity team: Washington Carver - renowned for inventing rotating crop technique, using soy plantings to replace nitrogen in depleted soil.

The next inventor highlighted for #BlackHistoryMonth is James E. West, who holds more than 200 foreign patents and 60 U.S. #patents, to include the microphone. For more information on the efforts of our #diversity team, visit: E. West - co-invented the microphone.

Dr. Charles Drew is credited for patenting what is known today as a blood bank. Keep following Fish’s #BlackHistoryMonth for more inventor highlights, and visit to learn more about our #diversity team: Drew - patented a method of perserving human blood, aka blood bank.