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Copyright Litigation

Fish represents clients in an array of copyright protection and related matters in state and federal courts, as well as in mediation and arbitration settings, whether those copyright issues form the heart of an infringement action, or arise as part of a larger dispute over publishing, breach of contract, First Amendment rights, or other intellectual property claims.

Our copyright attorneys are admitted to practice law in courts across the country and in the United States Supreme Court. We have the expertise to assist clients in preventing the infringement of their works, seeking damages from infringers through litigation or settlement, and defending against claims of infringement on the Internet and elsewhere.

We provide opinions and legal analyses on the following:

  • copyrightability of works
  • ownership of works
  • fair use
  • literal and nonliteral copying claims
  • secondary liability
  • safe harbors
  • anti-circumvention, damages, and injunctions