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Fish has a global litigation practice with a proven record of successfully handling high-tech, high-stakes matters. We have a long history of litigating for technology pioneers, from the Wright brothers to today's innovators in life sciences, electronics, medical devices, and more. Our trial skills are enriched by our broad and deep technical patent expertise - an expertise that sets us apart from general practice firms.

Fish recognizes that the only purpose of litigation is to achieve the client's specific business objectives. We prepare every case with those business objectives in mind. When we can best serve our clients by resolving disputes short of trial, we do so. 

Our litigation attorneys enforce and defend an array of intellectual property claims for clients, ranging from some of the world's largest corporations to individual inventors and innovators. Surveys show that we handle more patent litigation than does any other firm in the world, in both federal district courts and at the International Trade Commission.

eFISHent LitigationTM

Fish & Richardson is dedicated to delivering the highest quality legal services and support to our clients. By design, our eFISHent LitigationTM approach enables us to achieve our client’s’ objectives at a price that is an outstanding value – and we do it at all points of litigation. Learn more about our approach to eFISHent Litigation and our innovative eFISHencyTM systems here.

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