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Patent Prosecution

Organizations that value their intellectual property as a strategic and indispensable business asset choose Fish for our depth and breadth of legal experience, technical backgrounds and understanding, strong USPTO relationships, and litigation-focused patenting.

With more than 220 patent attorneys and agents, and more than 65 PhDs across numerous technical areas, Fish works with companies across almost every identifiable industry. Our clients range from industry-leaders to newly formed start-ups, but all demand the same attention to detail, cost-consciousness, and personal attention for which Fish has become known. Outside interviews with our clients by numerous publications have led to significant industry recognition for our attorneys. We pride ourselves on delivering beyond what is asked of us, and proactively keeping our clients updated on legal changes that affect their industry. Our patent-focused webinar series, and our Patent Reform webpage are just two examples.

Litigation-focused Patenting

With the leading patent litigation practice in the US within the same walls, our patent attorneys work alongside our litigators to incorporate the lessons that we learn in the courtroom into our patent strategies. This is especially true in our leading patent reexamination practice.

Global Support

Fish's Munich office provides our clients the ability to pursue European and U.S. intellectual property protection efficiently and consistently by utilizing one firm and a single streamlined process. Our office in Munich is staffed by European qualified patent counsel and provides a direct avenue for clients to communicate with our attorneys about European patent law, and to receive the same high-quality work product that our clients expect from our U.S. attorneys. We work with clients across the globe to protect their intellectual property, and have recently hosted seminars in countries such as China, Japan, Korea, and Israel.

USPTO Relationships

More than a dozen Fish attorneys had prior careers at the USPTO, including the Director of Practice Systems for our patent practice. Our close relationship with the USPTO has allowed us to develop automated systems that aide our efficiency in communicating with the patent office, and therefore save our clients time and money. Fish has also hosted training for patent examiners on new technologies to enhance their ability to assess patent applications.