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45 Results Found
Name Level Related Offices
Sakimae, Garrett Associate Southern California
Samples, J. Wesley Associate Washington, DC
Samuel, Mathias W. Principal Twin Cities
Sanchez, Rachel Associate Silicon Valley
Sanders Jr., John C. C. Associate Dallas
Sarkar PhD, Indranil Technology Specialist Boston
Scarpati, Jennifer Associate New York
Schaefer, Stephen R. Principal Twin Cities
Scherkenbach, Frank E. Principal Boston
Silicon Valley
Schley PhD, Jan-Malte Principal Munich
Schmidt, Grant Associate Dallas
Schroeder, Franceska O. Principal Washington, DC
Schulte PhD, Carsten Associate Munich
Schwentker, R. Andrew Associate Washington, DC
Serota, Debra S. Of Counsel Boston
Shartzer, Adam Associate Washington, DC
Shear, W. Chad Principal Delaware
Shepherd, Michael P. Associate Silicon Valley
Shim, Dae S. Litigation Technology Analyst
Shipsides, Geoffrey P. Principal Twin Cities
Shmuel PhD, Jenny Associate Boston
Shneidman PhD, Jeffrey Associate Boston
Shrinivasan PhD, Sushil Associate Dallas
Shult, Rebecca L. Associate Twin Cities
Simons, Caroline K. Associate Boston
Singer, Jonathan E. Principal Twin Cities
Southern California
Skenyon, John M. Senior Principal Boston
Skinner, Clarissa Renee Of Counsel Dallas
Smith, Christopher Associate Delaware
Smith, Dan Associate Dallas
Smith, Jane E. Administration Boston
Sobolev, Michael Associate Silicon Valley
Solomon, Jonathan A. Principal Dallas
Sproul, Seth M. Principal Southern California
St. Clair, Kimberly Staff Attorney Dallas
Stalford, Terry J. Principal Dallas
Stephens, Nicholas W. Associate Twin Cities
Sterba, Anne M. Contract Attorney Washington, DC
Sterba, Richard A. Principal Washington, DC
Stockell, Catherine H. Of Counsel New York
Stodghill, Steven H. Principal Dallas
Strand, Brian G. Associate Houston
Su, Kevin Principal Boston
Sullivan Jr., Robert C. Principal New York
Swann Jr., Jerre B. Of Counsel Atlanta