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Scientists and Engineers

Fish has the #1 patent practice in the country and consistently ranks at the top of the pack in patent litigation by IP Law & Business, and our technology specialists and litigation technology analysts are an integral part of these thriving practices.

If you are a scientist or engineer who is interested in contributing your passion and knowledge of your vocation to the practice of law, we encourage you to consider a career with us.
“Diversity is the name of the game at Fish.  You get to work for clients of various sizes, and in a wide range of technology areas.  Apart from the top-notch prosecution, litigation and post-grant practices, the cross-office staffing culture and a truly amazing IT infrastructure make Fish one of the best places to learn the ropes.”


Indranil Sarkar, Technology Specialist, Patent Agent (Boston)
Support staff interested in careers at Fish should send their resume and office preference to careers@fr.com.