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Life at Fish

Fish combines challenging work with great people to create a firm where our attorneys and staff enjoy coming to work every day.

We are a dynamic place – our offices hum with people working together on projects that require creativity and teamwork.

Our practice is diverse and at the forefront of an ever-changing world of science and business. Attorneys and staff benefit from the leadership and mentoring of an energetic and contemporary partnership whose vision is ahead of its time.
"Fish's small-team approach ensures exposure to remarkable learning opportunities—junior attorneys take depositions, argue appeals before the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences, and dive into myriad other tasks reserved for senior attorneys at other firms.   I'm rare among my law school classmates at other large law firms, in that I've found a satisfying work-life balance at Fish. With planning and communication, I've been able to engage in an exciting litigation practice and enjoy time with my family. This balance has kept me at my firm since graduation—also rare among my law school classmates."


Support staff interested in careers at Fish should send their resume and office preference to careers@fr.com.