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Judicial Clerks

Fish values the experience and skills that a former judicial clerk brings to our practice, as demonstrated by the large and diverse number of former judicial clerks in our ranks. Indeed, many of our attorneys have clerked for the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit as well as other federal circuit courts of appeals, federal district courts, and state courts. We encourage our Summer Associates who are interested in gaining such valuable experience to pursue judicial clerkship opportunities.

"Prior to my judicial clerkships, I worked as both a Summer Associate and Associate with Fish. Clerking has made me a better lawyer by broadening the areas of law to which I have been exposed, providing me the opportunity to work closely with experienced judges and bright lawyers, as well as providing the opportunity to see the wide range of oral and written advocacy presented daily to the courts. My exposure to the courts has facilitated a comfort level in the courtroom and provided me with insight into the inner workings of the courts and the judges' practices. Upon the conclusion of my clerkships, I was excited to return to Fish, where many of my colleagues are also former judicial clerks, and where I can now apply my clerkship experience to my everyday practice of law."


Support staff interested in careers at Fish should send their resume and office preference to careers@fr.com.