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Fish at the Podium, Fish Forum
Boston Breakfast Series: Patents - Just the Basics


Patents - Just the Basics

July 16, 2014
8:00- 9:30am

One Marina Park Drive
Boston, MA 02210
Click here for directions

Finally - answers to all of your burning questions about patent law. We invite you to join other members of the local biotech and pharmaceutical industries for breakfast and a seminar discussion with Fish Principal Jay Kugler DeYoung and Associate Tiffany A. Reiter, Ph.D., who will review:

  • What is a patent, and what rights does a patent provide?
  • What can be patented?
  • What is the process for obtaining a patent in the US? Abroad?
  • Who can be named as an inventor?
  • Who owns an invention?

This seminar is perfect for non-IP attorneys, engineers, scientists, business and marketing professionals, paralegals - anyone for whom a one-hour practical "short course" about the basics of patents would be useful. The speakers will be available following the presentation to answer any questions. 

Please contact Ellen Makarevich at with any questions.

Participation is free.
Jay Kugler DeYoung Tiffany A. Reiter, PhD