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Firm History

Since 1878, our firm has been at the forefront of evolutionary change in technology and patent law.

Under the command of Frederick Fish – who at the time was the acknowledged leader of America's patent bar – we started as a Boston law firm with only a few attorneys on staff. Now we have a legal team of more than 350 in 12 offices across the world.

We have represented technology luminaries such as Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and the Wright brothers before they were stars – when they were entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and a drive to succeed.

Since then, our firm has continued to grow into an IP powerhouse, representing today's visionaries in technology, business, and the arts, while boasting a client list that ranges from individual inventors to top-tier multinational corporations.

Our attorneys – more than 76 of whom hold PhDs in a broad variety of technologies – have the knowledge and skills to assist our technology-driven clients in the areas important to their success.

We offer more than just patent protection. In addition to traditional IP services, we provide regulatory, financing, and licensing advice to help our clients maximize the value of their IP.

We were there when Edison patented the lightbulb and when Bell gave the world a telephone.

The idea of flight fascinated the Wright brothers, and with our help they were able to make it a reality.

For more than a century, we have been inspired by the inventive fearlessness of our clients and have only one mission in mind: to help them become the technology legends of tomorrow.

One path, many milestones
It all began when Frederick Fish opened the office in Boston. Since then we have left a footprint in every area of the technology map, from patenting the early telephone to patenting the keys on a Steinway piano.

To read more of our accomplishments, please click here.