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Fish assists clients in the computer software industry to obtain protection via patents and copyrights and in licensing and other transactions.
  • We have extensive experience in the prosecution of software patent applications. Our clients include multinational software vendors such as Adobe Systems Incorporated, a range of small enterprises and start-ups, and individual inventors. Subjects include computer networks, parallel processing, optimization algorithms, voice recognition, imaging, operating systems, and user interfaces.
  • We have implemented copyright registration programs in the United States and advised on international protection of software via copyright and trade secret laws.
  • We have counseled clients on validity and infringement of software patents in diverse fields, including computer networks, CASE and CAD systems, windowing, operating systems, industrial and consumer application programs, image processing, graphics, fax, general ledger accounting, and modem control.
  • Our software licensing experience includes ongoing, across-the-board representation of software and database suppliers, and individual projects for other clients. We have drafted and negotiated agreements for the development and distribution of application programs and databases, as well as drafted and reviewed shrink-wrap licenses.
  • Our licensing work has included source code licensing and negotiation of source code escrow arrangements. In 1988, we compiled a compendium of packaged software licensing agreements that remains a primary source of model agreements for the software industry.

With 140 attorneys who have experience with various software, many with prior careers within the industry, we are uniquely positioned to provide a full range of IP services to organizations within the software industry. In fact, more of the 50 most innovative companies in America, as ranked by IP Law & Business, referenced our patent prosecution work than that of any other law firm.