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Fish has significant experience in providing IP and corporate services for companies involved in the production and manufacture of hardware related to computers and electronics. In fact, through our involvement in the industry and our work for our clients, we keep abreast of new trends and are aware of the key issues, challenges, and opportunities facing the industry.

With approximately 100 attorneys involved in this space, our firm often has immediate familiarity with a client's technology. Our strength and experience allow us to staff each matter with the team of attorneys that suits the client's needs most precisely.

In addition, due to our firm's involvement in the industry, our attorneys do not need to charge clients for time needed to "ramp up" on a particular matter or subject. This keeps costs down for our clients and allows our firm to respond and react very quickly.

Our substantial experience includes:

  • prosecuting patent applications covering computer hardware at the system, board, and chip levels
  • architectures that have included small-scale and massively parallel systems
  • digital circuit work that has addressed logic used in a wide variety of applications
  • prosecuting patents in communications technologies, including local area and wide area networks and modems
  • medical imaging techniques, voice recognition devices, and radar and microwave technologies

We are especially active in various types of litigation involving the hardware industry, including at the ITC.