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Fish News

Media Coverage
Fish Ranked Top Patent Firm for the World's 50 Most Innovative Companies

Fish is the top patent law firm for the world's most innovative companies, according to a survey published in the November issue of IP Law & Business magazine. Fish ranked #1 in patent prosecution in the prestigious "Who Protects Innovation" survey of "The World's Most Innovative Companies." According to the survey, Fish represents four of the top five most innovative companies in the world.

"This survey reflects our reputation as the premier firm for high-profile, strategic patent prosecution," said Peter J. Devlin, President of Fish & Richardson. "The survey shows that Fish is the go-to firm for forward-thinking companies that value their intellectual property."

"The World's Most Innovative Companies" is based on an annual survey conducted by BusinessWeek and the Boston Consulting Group. Using this survey as a cross reference, IP Law & Business developed its "Who Protects Innovation" listing. To determine the rankings in its Patent Prosecution List, IP Law & Business listed the five firms that filed the most patent applications for each of the 50 companies from January to September 2008, and then computed the leaders.