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Fish News

Press Releases
Fish & Richardson Wins Jury Verdict for Adobe in Patent Suit
July 20, 2012

Wilmington, DE, July 19, 2012 – With a judgment entered today, Fish & Richardson has won a major jury verdict for Adobe Systems Inc. in a patent infringement suit brought by Tarkus Imaging Inc. over its automatic tone correction patent.  On June 29, 2012, a Delaware federal jury ruled that Adobe did not infringe Tarkus Imaging’s digital imaging patent.  The jury also found that Adobe did not actively induce infringement or commit contributory infringement of any of the claims in the patent in suit.  Tarkus had asked for several million dollars in damages.

The Fish Adobe team was led by principal Frank Scherkenbach with assistance from principals Douglas E. McCann and Thomas A. Brown.

Canon USA, a co-defendant in the case, settled with Tarkus immediately before the jury’s verdict, which also found that Canon did not infringe the patent.  Tarkus had also originally sued Nikon, which settled in 2011.

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