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Fish News

Press Releases
Fish Named “Go-To Intellectual Property Law Firm” for Top Fortune 500 Companies
April 25, 2012

Boston, MA, April 25, 2012 – Fish & Richardson has been named a 2012 “Go-To Intellectual Property Law Firm” for the top Fortune 500 companies.  According to April issue of Corporate Counsel magazine, this “noteworthy achievement” is an honor that puts Fish “in an elite group that delivers exceptional work for the Fortune 500.”  Fish was named a “Go-To IP Law Firm” by nine Fortune 500 companies including Allergan, Inc., Google, Inc., and Target Corporation.


“Clients come to Fish with their most important, bet-the-company patent cases and their toughest IP challenges because they know we will consistently deliver quality, results, and value,” said Peter J. Devlin, President of Fish & Richardson.  “It is an honor to have the trust of America’s largest companies and to see that reflected in this survey.”


Corporate Counsel gathered data on each company's primary law firms via surveys sent to general counsel at each of the top Fortune 500 companies.  To be included on the list, law firms had to be identified by the company’s general counsel as a “primary law firm,” which is defined as one or more of the following: firms that are on the company's preferred list; the go-to law firms for a specific practice area; firms that handled the most important cases in the previous year; firms used most often; firms with the most billings.  Law firms that were either utilized two or more times in the practice area specified since 2007 and/or counseled the client with respect to a significant transaction were also included.

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